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The Purpose Behind the Blog

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

The idea of writing a blog came up shortly after my son was born back in 2019. I felt (and feel) this desire to just share with anyone who was interested all about my experiences pertaining to family life. I know I for one enjoy reading posts from other moms. I have felt encouraged numerous times in reading about others who have gone through/are going through similar struggles and experiences as me. The thought popped in my head: "Perhaps I have something offer as well". Why didn't I start right away? Well this little thing called insecurity was this big roadblock standing in the way. The biggest apprehension was coming across as this young know-it-all who has way less wisdom and life experiences to even qualify as a family blogger. I felt that I needed to "get it together" more before offering any kind of advice. I would start to begin coming close to going for it then I would be around other moms and wives and my unhealthy comparison shrunk my motivation. Who am I to write about family life when all these other women have so much more experience and are far more knowledgeable then I? What if I make a fool of myself? What if no one even reads it or cares? But then it finally clicked in my brain. Was I saying to myself that I needed to be perfect first before I presented any writings? If that was the case then obviously this blog would never happen as perfection is literally impossible. We're all on different walks of life. We all excel in one thing and struggle in another. You will always have more wisdom then some and others will always have more than you. I had to realize that a core purpose for writing a blog of this kind would be to offer what one real life looks like amongst the facades numerous people present online. So finally, I decided to start a file on my computer and start writing. I was not going to build the site yet but just take that first step and start jotting my thoughts down. And boy was I having fun! Writing brings me so much joy and I don't even care if I'm the best at it. The blog began to take shape and I felt like it was a little gift from me to me. I came to a place of thinking that if no one reads it, I don't even care. This is for me! But if people do actually enjoy what I write and I can offer anything to anyone, then that would bless my heart. My main reasons behind This One Life really boil down to these three:

  1. Encourage and uplift other women.

  2. Be real.

  3. Offer advice based on my own research and experiences.

I want to be real and honest. I want to provide many practical tips regarding anything from entertaining infants, to dealing with overwhelm, to building into your marriage. I desire to encourage wives and mothers to be intentional in their family relationships, be respectful of their husbands, wise caregivers of their children, and remind others (and myself!) to prioritize their own self love and care. Whether you are here to read one post or decide to follow along my adventure, I appreciate you and wish you an amazing fulfilling life.

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I'm a stay at home mom of two and wife to an amazing husband. I am passionate about family life and enjoy sharing my experiences with others. 

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