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Take 5... or 10!

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Self care can be simple. As beneficial as it is to set aside an evening, or an hour or two for yourself, don't underestimate the power of a few golden moments here and there. Some days can be just too busy and if you're like me and have babies that love to catnap, you need to learn how to integrate in some time for you. Here is a small list I've put together of some things I like to do when I know I need a few minutes to gather some sanity, take a breath, and refocus.

  1. Unplug and do nothing. Turn off all sources of media and enjoy the few precious moments of quiet when you can. Close your eyes and focus on relaxing your body.

  2. Sit and have a coffee…and finish that coffee! Isn't it classic for us moms to make that morning cup of life brew only to have it sit forgotten on the counter as we bustle about? Ever wish you could enjoy a full mug of coffee (or tea. Whatever your comfort beverage of choice is) without pausing to referee sibling wars, a toddler making a mess, or responding to those calls of "Mommy! Mommy!"? If you find a few moments, finish a whole brew front to back.

  3. Read a book. Now, I have trouble sitting and reading for just a couple minutes because when it comes to novels, I enjoy a much longer block of time so I can really get into whatever I am reading. But if you're able to enjoy short periods of reading, great! Other reading material ideas for those small chunks of time could include a book of short stories, magazine articles, poems, or blogs.

  4. Listen to music. Have you ever sat back and simply listened to your favorite songs? This is something I used to do a lot and I still do enjoy it once in a while!

  5. Exercise. Self care can absolutely include exercise. I recall a specific time when I had a particularly hard day. I was feeling very low emotionally and had been so busy with the kids. I decided in the evening while my daughter was napping and my son was playing with my husband, to take 10 mins to get my heart rate up and exercise. I couldn't believe how refreshing it felt to sweat it out a bit. I felt much more alive and so happy to do something by myself, FOR myself. Also, endorphins are a marvelous thing.

There are many quick little things you can incorporate into your self care regime. I would highly recommend taking a few moments each day to focus on yourself even for just a few minutes. In order to continue the wonderful and draining tasks of running a household, taking care of kids, working, and being intentional as a spouse, you must remember to take care of yourself as well. What do you like to do in the short precious moments you have throughout the day? I'm all for hearing other ideas!

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