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My Son and Food - Baby Steps Have Been Taken

Quick post today because I have to share a praise report… Leroy ate not one, not two, but THREE newish foods today.

Wondering if that’s a big deal?


After days, no, months of steps backwards, failings, and discouragement, we had significant wins today. Not win singular… WINS!!

Win Number 1

A dear friend of mine gave me the suggestion to try sprinkles on foods that my boy is hesitant to try to add some fun. I thought that was a brilliant idea and decided, without any big intro, to present Leroy with some vanilla yogurt.

There was a small period of time when he absolutely loved yogurt. At one point it was the go to if nothing else was deemed acceptable. However, upon attempting to give him yogurt that had fruit chunks in it, that food item was entirely put on his rejection list. I cannot remember how old he was but he was definitely around his first birthday.

Before he could turn his nose up at the white blob in his bowl, I excitedly said, “Shall we put some sprinkles on your yogurt? You can pick any kind you like!”. Those big brown eyes lit up and he enthusiastically agreed. We were off to a good start and I rolled with it. The tiny rainbow sprinkles were the top choice and I mentally cried out a quick prayer, ”Oh Lord let this work…!”

No hesitation. That little blue spoon scooped up a sprinkle-adorned wad of yogurt and was promptly devoured.

Am I going to have a bruise on my chin from my jaw dropping to the floor?

It worked. It actually worked. And he kept going. He was having a blast talking about the coloured sprinkles, telling me it was “Mmm yummy!”, and stirring the mixture up. The sprinkles sort of melted and as he stirred them up they left colourful trails. I am so glad we can add yogurt back onto his acceptable foods list!

Win Number 2

After breakfast we went to a friend's place, a fellow young mother who also has a son the same age as Leroy. She offered Leroy a blueberry bagel with cream cheese and I said he definitely wouldn't touch that so I took it. But to my absolute shock, Leroy came and took a big chomp.

I could hardly believe my eyes. He did not spit it out but proceeded to continue eating. May I remind you that he does not eat fruit or anything with fruit in it. Ever. Until today.

Was this a fluke? Will he actually eat blueberry bagels from now on? I will most certainly add them to the grocery list next shopping trip to find out.

Win Number 3

This one did not boggle my mind quite the same as our morning successes, but it is still a step in the right direction. Leroy loves to eat the banana chocolate chip muffins from Superstore and only those specific banana chocolate chip muffins. In the past I tried making my own and he turned his little nose up at them. Friends and family have brought homemade muffins as well and were also met with rejection.

Did I make banana chocolate chip muffins this afternoon? Yup. And you know what my son did?

He ate one. And almost a whole other one.

This is so Good

For those looking in on our situation from the outside, they'd never know the significance of seeing my son eat a bagel or plunge willingly into yogurt. To have my son try any kind of food without hesitation and rejection is huge. These are real and tangible steps in the right direction. Now we keep moving forward and hope that he will have many more positive experiences with stepping out of his comfort zone.

Perhaps in my next update I can have more successes to share!

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