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Look at Your Ring

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Take a moment right now and look at your wedding ring.

What do you think of when you look at it? Do you think about your husband? The day he proposed? Your wedding? Your vows? What does your wedding ring mean to you?

Obviously, wedding rings are just objects. They themselves do not make you married. If you take it off for a few minutes that does not mean you're a single lady all of a sudden and back to married when that particular piece of jewelry is back in its place on your finger. We all know that marriage is so much more. It is formed by an unyielding commitment to one another 'til death do us apart.

I attended a wedding ceremony today and I absolutely love the vows the best every time. (*Sniff* Tissue please?) In my mind, when my husband and I made those verbal commitments to each other before our friends and family, that was the moment we were bonded for life. We became a true husband and wife. Our own unit.

So let's get back to the ring. Look at it again and think about the vows you made to your groom. I encourage you (and remind myself!) to really think about those words spoken aloud with the utmost passion and determination of a new bride in love. Ask yourself, "Am I holding true to those vows?". I hope you have your vows written or recorded somewhere because I would urge you to look back at them! Give yourself a refresher of those promises you made. Perhaps once in a while when you glance at your ring, use that as a reminder to evaluate your marriage. My husband and I have made it a tradition since our first anniversary to pull up our vows and read them again to one another every year. Not only do I find it a romantic thing to do, but it keeps those sacred oaths fresh.

Here's a little intentionality challenge/exercise you can give yourself. If you like to journal or even write on a computer, I suggest writing down your answers in order to really dig in to this reflection time!

  1. Write down or have your vows handy.

  2. Pick one promise that you made on that day. (ex. "I promise to respect you.")

  3. Ask yourself, "Have I been living up to this promise?"

  4. Reflect on that question. Write what comes to mind. (ex. "What does respect mean? Am I showing that to my husband through my words and actions? Am I being respectful to him whether he is present or not? Do I speak respectfully about him when talking with others?")

  5. Write down different ways you can really live this out. Then put it into practice! Apply extra focus on that one vow for the day. Or perhaps you want to do multiple days or a week. Either way, this is a great way to love your spouse!

If you decide to try out this challenge, let me know how it went for you!

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